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Thread: Best Depth Finder/GPS for Alaska?

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    Default Best Depth Finder/GPS for Alaska?

    I am looking to buy a new depth finder in the $500-$700 range and cant decide which one to get. I know some have better resolution in Alaska as far as the GPS goes. So which sonar/gps combo do you guys find to work best. Ill be fishing in southeast. I have been looking real hard at the Lowrance HDS-5.


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    Default Hds-5

    I have the HDS5 and also have garmin and furuno units. The HDS5 has great resolution, the fishfinder is very good, it is affordable, but the preloaded maps for the gps are terrible. If you get the upgraded maps it will be better, but it will cost you. The garnin, in my opinion has the best preloaded gps software for the price, but the cheaper garmin units have poor fishfinding capability. It is a tradeoff any way you go. The HDS-5 does have excellent networking capabilities for an affordable price.

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    I run the Garmin 540s. I am pleased with it for the $$$ I had to spend at the time. Wish I had a bigger screen though. I found them on ebay for around $600 if I remember right. It come with the map of Alaska and it is fairly detailed. I am wanting to go with the G2 card and really see what it picks up. The SD card cost about $180 though.


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