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    Hey guys, justed found this site and was reminising about the good ol days over 20 yrs ago now as my h.s. reunion from palmer high school aproaches. Anyways, my ol man used to takes us to chitna every 4th o July weekend to dipnet the copper. I cant remember much of the area but I do recall from where we camped, we had to hike back to the ol cable house and where cables went across the river. Does anyone know this spot? Is it still accessible? Is the cable house still there? I remember great times and plenty salmon. I know live in Tenn. and plan on someday returning home. Thanks for an response.

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    When I first went to Chitina, my girlfriends dad choose that spot. Maybe 6-8 years ago or so. Since then the cable's been removed or fallen? Gone at anyrate. I think there still is a little shack there. Its not very far(at least driving, girlfriends dad told how there use to be no way to drive past O'Brien Creek, so maybe walking to or let alone back(with a backpack full of salmon) it would not seem real close) past O'Brien Creek. Half mile or so?
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    I believe this is what you're looking for. The cable is laying at the bottom of the river. You can see it hanging from the shack down the rocks to the river.
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    Default Cable shack

    Isn't that the water gaging station? I beleive the old cable house is a little upriver from there. I run a charter buisiness on the Copper River , and have been going up and down the river in my boat for the last 22 years and I seem to remember the cable coming from the delapitaded shack just upriver from the green shack.


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