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Thread: Swan Lake - June 9th

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    Going to be staying a few nights in a public use cabin out of Petersburg that is at the trail head for what some say is a strenuous hike up to "Swan Lake". Will probably do the hike no matter what so figured why not fish while up there (imagine it doesn't get a lot of attention). Was wondering if anyone had any tackle and location suggestions for me on that lake. I'll have both a casting setup (for the wife) and a fly-rod for myself.

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    Default Rainbows

    Swan lake has a pretty good population of transplanted rainbows. I think they are spread out pretty good through out the lake. The mouth of cascade creek can be really good for dollies. That's a nice place, you'll enjoy it.

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    Default Swan Lake

    We fished out of boats provided at the cabin. There are several good rainbow holes in Cascade Creek that we also walked. I used a 1/4 oz Panther Martin with a black and yellow spot body and a gold blade and caught some nice ones up to about 13". We caught some casting spinners from shore next to the inlet streams. The best fishing we found was at the inlet stream at the other end of the lake. We dropped down Pautzke's eggs and caught rainbows on every drop. We fished until we had enough for dinner and then stopped. Beautiful place!


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