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Thread: Has anyone hunted from a kayak for ducks?

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    Default Has anyone hunted from a kayak for ducks?

    I'm thinking about purchasing one and using it sorta as a pop up blind. Looking to access an area where there is absolutley no cover but lots of waterfowl. Just to float along the tide guts.
    I don't have any experience in one. So I'm looking for the most stable.
    Sportsman's has some I like. Like to get one to play with during the summer so I can get used to it before season starts. I"m thinking about a kayak cause they are lighter to move about.

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    I hunt out of Louisiana pirogues for ducks all the time. I'm bringing two of them up with me to Cordova right now and will have to see how they do here. They draft much less than a kayak and have the carrying capacity similar to a canoe. Not the most stable thing in the world, but after a little seat time they are extremely manageable. I stand in mine and push pole, but they work equally well when paddled. Kayaks work well and I know a few guys in the Southeast that use the Predator model. My only complaint is the lack of room to carry dekes and gear.

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    I don't but there are several guys on the Refuge and on that use old town predators for this style of hunting in the States. Others use MOMarsh fatboys or DPs, or the Four Rivers boats.

    The old town kayaks are stable boats for kayaking, but you have to be really sure of yourself to shoot out of one. Practice before the season or borrow one and try to shoot out of it before you buy your own.

    You don't have to be a Refuge member to search the threads there. This is a link to the search term "kayak" and the threads it turns up. I the pics are not in the post you won't be able to see the image. Becoming a member takes months due to the volume of users and the one man show that runs the place.

    kayak search on refuge

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    I was gonna try out my klepper 2 man next year, its got a big enough cockpit I can lay down then pop up
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Default What about the Mokai???

    I have been looking at them, looks like it would work. 340lb payload, could strap your decoy bag on the bow.



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