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Thread: Tundra Bike: 26 or 29er?

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    Default Tundra Bike: 26 or 29er?

    Hi all,

    I need a bike for hauling climbing gear up trails into the mountains (Gold Mint Trail, etc). If you were a student and trying to do this as economically as possible, would you:

    1) Buy a rigid 29er off craigslist

    2) keep your lightweight 26er hardtail and put some wider tires on it?

    My hardtail needs a new fork, so I'm worried that by the time I spend $50 on something like a Surly 1x1 fork, and say $40 on a big front tire, it might be more cost effective to start putting that money toward a cheap used 29er. I know a fatbike is going to do better than either of these, but I'm trying to keep this around $400, and the less the better.

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    BUMP........Anyone have thoughts about the 29" as opposed to the 26"......? It looks like Sports Authority is going to have a 20% off on all bikes soon. And they have a 29" for List: $629.00 which net out to $503.00.........This would be my last bike i'll ever buy.

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    After riding a friend's 29er I'm saving the piggy bank until I can swing one.

    I'd really like a luxe 29" full suspension but most of those cost more than my first car...

    At any rate I think a good quality 29" bike has much to recommend.


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