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    So after a year of yearning to get back here, I finally made the move. Right now I'm living and working as a dog handler for a year which will hopefully give me a little time to find a place to live, job, etc. I'm happy and excited to be here and am living in Two Rivers near Fairbanks currently. I will be looking for a place to live and a job around this same time next year if anyone knows of anything or has any suggestions. I'm a 21 year old guy that grew up in south Texas and I've held a pretty wide range of jobs but I'm always open to something new. As far as places to live, I'm probably not going to be extremely picky since mainly I'll be looking for something with a more affordable price at least at first.

    I'm also looking to meet people around my age or area since I no practically nobody in Alaska. If you live in the Fairbanks area and might wanna go fishing or something else sometime, shoot me a pm.

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    Saw your post, great inspiration for just doin it and movin up there!! Im hoping to get up there once I graduate come may!


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