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Thread: Rafting Tips

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    Default Rafting Tips

    How 'bout passing on some lessons learned now that rafting season is upon us?

    Here's mine from a trip last year: Always keep all of your oar pieces strapped together when not actually using them. I got to the Gulkana and realized I was missing 2 sections of my breakdown oars. Luckily there were enough spare sections in the rest of our group to make it work. Now I keep everything strapped together until assembling them at the put in. At the takeout they all get strapped back together into one easy to carry bundle.

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    Bring extra beer/booze. Seriously, if you are going on a float trip, especially with guys you have not had much wilderness experience with, plan accordingly. I've been on trips with guys that are great church-going-husbands/dads, and they think their six pack of micro-brew is going to be good for a multi-day trip; then, subtract the responsibility of home and work, and the guy suddenly wants to start dipping into your precious gin and tonic reserves. Be proactive and throw in a plastic bottle of Canadian Hunter.

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    No matter how comfortable you are on the river, the river man not be comfortable with you: SECURE YOUR GEAR!!! A nice day trip can turn into a lot of lost articles if not secured. Always strap down gear like your entering the vortex of death.
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