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Thread: why have F&G not activated the counter?

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    Default why have F&G not activated the counter?

    Not to start a conspiracy but after last years nut roll with the commercial fishery catching to many Kings???? After 15 years of dipping they have never been this late. Makes me wonder some times what these folks at the copper are doing or not doing to keep track of the fish numbers???? Hope they don't come back with sorry but we have to hold you folks back because........
    Just a thought. Last year I caught and released more Kings than any other year that I was dipping!!!! makes you wonder some times?? I just want to fill my freezer and I am sure there are plenty of other folks that feel the same way. This is the only fishery left and you don't have to carry a gun because of stupid people!!

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    Default Counter & Stupid People

    1) ADF&G has scheduled the release of its Commercial Catches Blue Sheet for 5/21.

    2) I've maintained the Copper River | Chitina Dipnet Fishery Escapement Charts since 2003. Every year I get antsy for data as the month rolls on. The ADF&G escapement page always says early May for counter numbers, but it always seems to be about the week before the dipnet opening that anything is posted online.

    3) Guns I carry to the Copper, too. I was accosted by a drunk racist at my motorhome last year, who threatened to return with his friends if I didn't leave. The key was to deescalate the situation while maintaining my position. He didn't return, which was good, because it could have gotten ugly.



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