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Thread: '72 Mercury 7.5hp 2-stroke repair?

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    Default '72 Mercury 7.5hp 2-stroke repair?

    I got this outboard a couple years ago with my 15' Grumman sport boat. I used it last summer several times on a various valley lakes. Long story short, it leaves me paddling back to shore just about every time I take it out because it likes to spit gas out the air intake of the carb, thus flooding the engine. I took the carb apart and cleaned it, but no luck. I also made sure the fuel needle was clean and I tinkered with the bowl float. Everything looked to be in pretty decent shape. I consider myself fairly mechanically apt, but I'm a novice with outboards and this turd is stumping me.
    I dont feel like dropping a bunch of cash into it as I'll be upgrading to a small 4-stroke next summer. I was just hoping to limp by this summer with it. I was going to buy a brand new carb for it, but was told they dont make them any more.
    Any ideas?


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    Default 7.5 repair

    Try Mercury Marine 3421 E North Ave. Fresno,Ca.93725 For parts


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