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    Heard alot of negative talk about last years brown bear hunts. High pressure and cost, alot of hunters screwing up other peoples stalks. What's is the going flavor of the crowd and what are the best options for a resident to have a decent hunt. I have heard that the cordova area is a new hot spot and the lower Alaska penisula is costlier but worth the money. Any idea's out there.


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    secrets man secrets, thats the best option for brown bear, if you've heard its a good place so has a pile of other people..thats how good places become bad places. cordova in the spring puts out some good bears all the way down towards southeast, past yakutat, the peninsula puts out good bears from the kuskokwin river south, unit 16 has some nice bears, obviously kodiak has them as well. unit13 produces nine and ten footers every year as well.
    bears don't really need alot of money thrown at them like moose or caribou, do some research find an area that has come good bear activity, talk to bio's and ask them specifics and get an air taxi and hunt with your brains...and eyes. not your feet. bears know your there and they'll decide how they want to act with you in the area. sit still, and stare when you don't see anything, stare longer. pm me if you have specific questions about the bears, i might be able to help once you've sorted out where you want to go.
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    Default Kodiak Refuge

    Kodiak Refuge has exclusive guide areas and some of the areas are pretty darn big with small numbers of Res. draw permits available. If you are lucky enough to draw a permit you can have a good hunt without alot of company and you can cobo it with deer and goat in most areas.

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    It depends on what you want. If you don't necessarily care about getting a 9+ footer, you can have great hunts for grizzlies off the road system in the interior. Judging by the places you mentioned, though, I'm guessing that you're hoping for a coastal brownie.


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    are you looking for guided or unguided options?
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