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Thread: Questions about Clear (Chunilna) Creek! -Repost-

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    Default Questions about Clear (Chunilna) Creek! -Repost-

    So yeah I accidentally put this into the fly fishing section when I meant to put it here. I guess I wasn't paying as much attention to detail as I'd like. Sorry for this double post but I hope you all look at it and reply if you can!


    So yeah Ive decided to head up to clear creek for my birthday this year, but I cant really find all that much information about the river, the run timings and the crowd sizes. All I know is that I would like to go to a place that has king salmon that isn't all that crowded, and I think that clear Creek is a compromise between The over crowded Kenai and Parks stream systems and the Isolated (But -very- expensive) Fly-in fishing to remote areas. Anyways, I was curious to know if any of you have some photos of your success on the river and stories so that I can find out what I can reasonably expect. So yeah. My birthday is June 18th so I'm hoping there will be kings in the river at that time. Any information any of you can give would be Appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlaskaIsCold View Post
    ...I would like to go to a place that has king salmon that isn't all that crowded...--AIC
    Although Clear Creek can be pleasant before salmon arrive, or after the salmon finish, especially if you're willing to hike upstream, once the Kings arrive, you'll have company... on Clear Creek, or most any of area streams with motorized access.

    Maybe if a quiet time fishing for Kings is the objective, you might take a chance and go much sooner - before word gets out that they're in. Could get lucky. If you are - take some photos but don't look at them until June 18th. Good luck and Happy Birthday either way.

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    If you go, I think you will be disappointed about it meeting your expectations as stated. It is a very small creek that gets hammered big time by several charter operators. There are scores of fishermen taken up to the mouth of Clear Creek everyday, when the Kings are in. The Princess Lodge and smaller B&B's in Talkeetna cater to tourists in a very big way. There are also a few local guys that fish it with their own boats, when they are new to the area and just don't where else to go or don't trust their boats to go further. You can get away from the crowds by going upstream on the creek but that early it would prove to be non productive for Kings, as they will mostly be staging at the mouth. I think you should re-examine your criteria before going, just so you don't get mad. Basically, anywhere you can drive to, or take a ten minute boat ride to, you can expect company, lots when the Kings are in.
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