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    Default Stalking strategy!

    I thought it might be interesting to hear some examples/stories of unusual or unique stalks that were blown due to poor stalk planning, stalk strategy, or the actual stalk. Or were you in on a hunt where an outstanding stalk was the only way you were able to connect that would likely have bested other hunters? Obviously, I'm not looking for "I approached from upwind" or "The bear heard my boom box" stories, but rather unique, interesting, or unusual stalks.

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    You mean like the time we spent three days waiting for Caribou at a crossing, then before sunrise on the 4th day, finnally seeing Caribou gathering across the river.....and three hours waiting for those 100+ Monster Prime late September Caribou Bulls to stop munching along the other side of the river in full view and cross so we could get at 'em............and when they did, and were almost 1/2 way across, to have two guys in a Zodiak burning up past us on the river , yelling, waving at us and pointing at the Bulls, charged e'm full blast, turned 'em around in the water, taking pictures and after the bulls got outta the water on the other side of the river, ran in the brush, carried on up the hill, with one guy shooting off his box of ammo at 'em for an hour,(a shot every few minutes, and his partner shooting to sight in his rifle while waiting) returned to the boat.........only to come over smiling and exclaimd in his best Southern accent "Why y'all just sittin' there for?? Theres lotsa Caribou up that mountan!!Shuks, we almost done got us a big 'ol' boy!! Y'all mind if we sit here till they come back?"

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    A wrench and about 3 minutes on the outboard mounts while they were up running and gunning and they would have had a nice quiet float out.

    I have had some pretty good alpine stalks slipping along the off side of ridges and using boulders to stay out of sight and get up on bears. Then again on my goat hunt last year the animals just weren't that spooky. We pretty much just walked up to with in range took a good rest and center punched em. They had that look before the shot like "if they get any closer I am out of here!" Well unfortunately for them we didn't need to be any closer...

    On moose I blew an opportunity just cause I wasn't ready. I was walking a trail grunting softly (mostly just screwing around and practicing). Suddenly I got a response. Honestly I thought it was another hunter or my cousin who was supposed to meet me out there but never showed. So I poked my head into the brush w/ my rifle on my back and found myself eye to eye with nice spike/fork about 15' away. Needless to say he didn't wait around for me to unshoulder and slap a round in the chamber to get the heck out of there.

    Caribou I have just estimated where they would go and found a place to hide and ambush them. Caught one in the evening as the weather cooled and the wind was coming back down the slopes. She was up on a snow pack in the shade dodging the bugs. We spotted the group and just found a good spot behind a couple grass hummocks in a likely spot between them and the creek bottom. She caught a 220grn round at maybe 35 yards and never had a clue we were there.

    I am sure that I have pushed hundreds of animals out without ever even knowing they were there. Fact is most humans aren't that stealthy clambering around in the woods w/ boots on. I see more animals when I give up on being super stealthy and just try and sound like one of them. Gotta love the look on a moose's face when he stands up out of the grass expecting to see another moose and sees me. As long as I hunt into the wind and take their nose out of the equation it is almost like they aren't sure if they should believe their eyes or their ears so they just stand their looking goofy (I mean more goofy than usual).


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