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Thread: Caribou abybody?

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    Default Caribou abybody?

    Hey all,

    Alright, I've been checking this forum out for quite some time now and I would like to know if there is anybody out there willing to help me out? I have yet to take a caribou and that is mostly tanks to my job. But anywho, was wondering if any of ya'll can hook me up with some areas to go and the best times. Don't totally care if I get a monster, I just want the meat. I live in Homer and don't mid some traveling. Prefer not to fly though.Thanks guys

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    Dalton, Steese or Taylor Hwys.

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    without a plane that pretty much sums it up. the winter hunt up the taylor is popular so is the a haul road, never been up the steese for caribou though.

    only way your gonna find caribou though is to commit and start driving, don't matter how many up to date reports you have alot can change in the time it'd take you to drive there. narrow donwn a time frame and jsut go for it.
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    Default not flying

    not flying really limits your options, as jimmy urban said you have the main 3 highway hunts, but you better be expecting alot of company. Good luck.


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    Default caribou

    The steese and taylor are accessed by mostly locals who can get there quickly while the bou are crossing the highways before the quota's are filled. I would suggest the dalton and if you want to get away from the crowds the farther in you go the less people you will see, just remember it's 5 miles in for rifle.


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