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Thread: New Production "Dan Wesson" Quality.....what is it Good, Bad, Ugly...???

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    Default New Production "Dan Wesson" Quality.....what is it Good, Bad, Ugly...???

    I am feeling the need for a "Bob-tail" Dan Wesson 1911 hopefully in .10 MM, but we will see on the cartridge. So had is the Quality out of Dan Wesson....?

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    I would say the new CZ Dan Wessons are top notch. I have recently been shooting a friends full size ten and it is a very well made and accurate pistol. They are tight and fitting is done well. The trigger is about five pounds and only a very slight tick of creep. It has fed flawlessly with the 200 or so rounds of factory ammo we've put through it. Been shooting it beside my SF G20 and then reloading the brass for both. Burning up Blue Dot powder and all the 165's and 180's we can afford to buy and the DW still has no malfunction or fail to fire. (Neither has the G20) The guns are becoming more available now, CZ is upping production somewhat. Good luck in the search.
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    Thank you for the report.

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    I feel they are stouter than the Colt 1911 in 10mm. If I still had that just one more gun syndrom I might own one

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    A friend has one in .45 and it amazed me. It is the only .45 I ever shot a 1/2" group at 50 yards with. Even the few I built up would not do that past 30 yards from a rest.
    But every time he comes to shoot he has a different boolit and load so it will never be repeated. He is strange and never even uses the right loads in his SRH that I sold him. I know what the gun needs but he never listens.
    Yeah, it is hard to believe but I did it from Creedmore position---ONCE. A jaw dropping experience to be sure. Maybe a fluke but the gun will shoot.
    There was a time when Dan Wesson really made bad revolvers due to an owner change. The original guns were perfect then they went to pot. I feel they have come back but the reputation hurt them.
    I wish he would sell me his .45!

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    I used to work on the Dan Wesson revolvers, must of been when they had a bad reputation. Opening them up, you wold swear the springs were made from clothes pin springs. That has got to be the most expensive piece of junk I ever worked on. The pins the main parts fit over became loose and that was a real headache. I thought for the longest time they were named **** Wesson. I knew the two machinist that really patented all the improvements to what became the Dan Wesson system. I hope they cried all the way to the bank with their patents.
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