Anyone interested I have purchased a 55 gallon drum of HP Injector 2 stroke oil. My cost comes to $23 a gallon (retail is $32.15 a gallon Alaska price) if interested in sharing my drum, your jugs.

Also I purchased a 55 gallon drum of 15w-40 Marine/Diesel oil....also $23 a gallon(retails $33.37 a gallon Alaska price) your jug. Before you ask.....I use this oil in everything from my trucks, boats to my lawnmowers, I even use in my snowmachine's chain and diamond drive units.

Awaiting shipment of gallon empties (ordered 100) to make sharing easier, should be here Thursday or Friday.

This is all share bulk....I bought now you can get it at the low price that I pay for it.....this is not retail sales. I don't have a fancy gauge to fill your jug to say you have exactly a gallon. This is pure and simple good old fashion cost sharing a great product. I still work on a hand shake and a word. Drop me a PM and I will work at getting it to you ASAP. If it all goes and I have more interest I will purchase more as I need to keep myself supplied.

Those that are remote I am trying to figure out a way to get it to you guys on the cheap. Just have not confirmed anything yet and I am looking for any ideas.