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Thread: Anchorage retail stores I've found useful

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    Default Anchorage retail stores I've found useful

    Thought I'd pass along stores I've found here in Anchorage that've been useful for rigging the boat, chime in if you know of any others.

    Polar Wire - just north of diamond on frontage road, they have every kind of wire at good prices that are suitable for a boat. AND they have a bunch of marine DC parts and pieces AND they have Blue Sea ACR relays, fuse holders and power busses, + commercial panduit 120 lb zip ties. GREAT store.

    Hi-Tec Professional Paint - Lake Otis and 63rd (ish). Every kind of coating product known to man, and all kinds of chemicals and supplies.

    B&Js - A street and N Lights - Lots of accessories and best fishing store in Anchorage.

    A1 Propellor - C and Potter (? dont remember exactly) Dude has forgotten more about propellors than I'll ever learn

    Superior Machining and Welding - In Post road area on Viking.
    I was in Fastenal looking for 1/4 inch aluminum plate as a backing plate for a cleat, a guy in line from SM&W overheard me talking and said "come on down, we'll see if we have any scraps I can give you".
    I went there and I walked out with $40 bucks worth of 1/4 and 3/8th plate - and they refused to take any money at all. How cool is that!
    They also rebuild brass and stainless props, and from what I saw on their workbench they do a darn good job.

    Deweys - off 76th and Old Seward ish. Advice, yammy & boat repair, and some parts and pieces.

    Alaska Mining and Diving - Commercial drive, say what else you want about them, they have a good parts department and accessories.

    Marita Sea and Ski - Debarr and Bragaw ish behind Dennys, good parts department, boat/motor repair, and accessories, good store.

    Ace Hardware on Muldoon - Best selection of stainless screws, bolts and oddball fasteners that I've found in town.

    West Marine - Diamond and C ish, good selection of accessories and misc boating stuff, can be more expensive though.

    Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.
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    I agree with the vendors you have on your list.

    I'll also add Anchorage Yamaha Marine. They are the suzuki o/b dealer in town, have a small selection of boating items, and are great guys.

    When you go through Homer, you have to make a trip to the Kachemak Bay Gear Shed, it's a pity we don't have a similar establishment in town.

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    Polar Wire is great. Good selection of connectors (the kind that you crimp and then heat shrink), plus they have tinned wire which is always best to use in a marine environment.
    W. Marine is convenient and that's about all I have to say about that.

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    AIH has the best prices on stainless nuts & bolts in town.
    Frigid North is good for electrical parts & pieces.
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    Would add:

    Donalson Co: Warehouse & Net loft

    5631 Silverado Way
    Anchorage, AK 99518
    (907) 561-2894

    40lbs bags of shrimp bait, great selection of buoys and line along with other stuff.
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    I would add these businesses that I have found useful on the boating front:

    AK Fire and Fasteners - ss screws/nuts/bolts, shackles, etc.

    AK Rubber - Sheet rubber, hoses, UHMW

    Parker Industries - Racor filters/parts, hydraulic parts. etc.

    Polar Supply Company - Industial coatings, epoxy paints, etc.



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