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Thread: Cooper Landing to Kenai

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    Default Cooper Landing to Kenai

    My buddy and I took a 14 footer from Cooper Landing to Kenai this past weekend.

    Day 1: made it to the mouth of Skilak. Left Cpr. Lndg. at noon and got to the lake at 3.

    Day 2: started rowing across the lake at 9 am and made it into the middle section by 3 pm. We got a perfect day for crossing Skilak. Made it about 7 miles down into the middle section.

    Day 3: started at 9 am and made it to Soldotna by about 2 pm. This was our original takeout and we were a day early. Decided to go all the way to Kenai at this point. Made it to river left just before The Pillars by about 4 pm. Saw 2 King's swimming by and not many people fishing.

    Day 4: took out at the public launch in Kenai.

    We were surprised more people were not out on the river. Nice trip minus the urban rafting through much of the middle section.

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    Default Kenai Float

    Hello, I read your post with interest. I have not floated the upper Kenai yet and was wondering how it was. I'm looking to take a day and just relax and look for fishig spots later in the year when the reds are running.

    I assume you had no issues on the upper? Is there anything that is difficult on the upper?

    I appreciate your help.


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    Default sound nice

    Sounds like you had a great trip. Do you have any pictures that you can share with the rest of us? I can't wait, my daughter and I will be hitting the river in the middle of June.

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    nothing difficult at all on the upper section.

    i will try and get pictures from my friend who brought a camera.

    sorry for the late reply guys. let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Default middle

    how was the middle above skilak in the rapids? I have never been and thinking of taking a couple 1 man cats and my zodiac through it in a couple weeks. The oarlocks on my zod are not the best - might position 2 people in front with oars to help out. Don't really want to lay my 40 hp motor on the floor so will probably leave it on the transom.....thoughts?


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