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    Wondering if anyone can help me out with telling the sex of bears. I am use to hunting whitetail... they are a little easier to tell apart.

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    In Alaska, 5-year or older females had skulls 8 to11% smaller than males of comparable age in a study. Adult males have more heavily muscled heads, necks, and shoulders than do females. If adult bears stand erect facing the viewer, it is often possible to see the male's penis or the female's nipples. Some people claim other methods work as well. I find it dificult unless I see the Sheath or nipples. I sure don't like to take females as the average age for a female to be fertile is six long years!!!

    Hope this helps.

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    thanks. Yeah I am looking to get a muture male... want to keep the females around

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    A mature boar will swagger when he walks and his gut will sway. Sows that are big will not get a huge gut (most of the time) like a boar will, and although she'll be tall and long, she won't be real fat. This isn't entirely true though.

    Like said before me, look for stocky build.
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    Bears are similar to Labs in that the males tend to have blockier heads and angular faces while the females tend to have narrower, smoother faces.

    ID'ing sex is a main reason why my barrel is suspended. A wet sow is much easier to ID standing up. Also, if a good bear comes in and you're unsure of sex, wait 5 minutes or so. Some sows with 1st year cubs will run them up a nearby tree first to protect them, then call them down when the coast is clear. I've seen this twice and almost shot a huge sow the first time because of it.
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    males will normally have blockier heads and will walk kinda pigeon toed. also if your close enough, with binoculars you can sometimes see a tuft of hair with urine on it below the vulva on a sow. male sometimes can see the same thing, but hanging off of the sheath


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