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    Default 2-Up question

    I am looking into purchasing an Arctic Cat 2-Up, as I would like to take my wife along some excursions. She is not one to ride one of her own. They seem pretty nice.

    I have never been on one so I am wondering if anyone has experience with them and how they handle with two people on them.
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    Default 2 up Wheelin'

    I have no experience with the Arctic Cat model, however I have owned the Can Am 650 Max for about 2 years, now. My wife and I go wheelin' all summer long and she absolutely loves it! The two up configuration is more stable, so she feels very comfortable on it ( of course, she's taken to drivin' and I've been relegated to the back seat, lately ). Even in some fairly technical riding areas ( such as the steep, rocky trail to Eska falls ) my wife has a wonderful time riding, errr..... driving, the two up. The longer wheel base gives her a better sense of security and it has all the comfort we both need. As far as for my hunting trips, the extra carrying capacity really comes in handy when taking a full camp in ( and animals out ). I only suggest you take a test drive with the wife on back ( or you! ) and see how you both feel, before making the decision. Either way, get out there and have fun!

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    Thumbs up family now has three

    Well i got the first trv for the wife and i we did over 500 miles with her behind me the first year and loved it so much she wanted her own and now the daughter bought on all 2007 650's and love them the best thing and im sure with all true 2 rider four wheelers is they don't get light on the front end do to the little extra length for the passenger foot rest makes a big difference to me but as riding two up we did knik to glacier eureka over monument up and down and around camron pass petersville king river both sides boulder creek
    so thumbs up for the trv's from me
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    Default 2nd vote

    I gotta add kudos to the Can-Am two seater. Me and the wife are on the large side, you wouldn't believe the steep technical trails we've been up and the long rides.

    I'll never have another single seater unless I still own a two seater. The stability on climbs is so much better. The carrying capacity is so much better. The high speed stability is so much better.

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    I've posted numerous times on the quality of the Can-Am. I love mine almost as much as the family does and ride it as often as I can. The only negative is the price.

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    Gotta agree with the last post -- nothing comes close to a Can-Am when it comes to two-up riding.


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