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Thread: Salt Water Newbie!

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    Default Salt Water Newbie!

    I recently moved to Ketchikan and have little experience with salt water salmon fishing. I usually target steelhead and salmon in rivers. I'm looking for a good fishing boat to buy, but while I've been shopping around for boats, I've been seeing kings surfacing along the shore south of town. Any tips for shore fishing until I get a boat? Are bright spoons a good lure choice? Should I buy a surf rod to go with my spinning reel or would it be better to use a smaller rod? Any and all tips appreciated! Fish On!!

    PS - Great website!

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    I can't give you any saltwater experience but I spent most of my youth chucking spoons off Lake Ontarios piers for salmon and trout, so there is no reason the same tecniques won't work there. I like a 9' medium actioned rod in the 10# to 17# for hucking spoons and body baits from shore. Couple it with a good spinning reel or baitcaster (your choice) and some 12# to 14# line and a box of spoons (pixies, lil cleos, lil cleo squid, crocodile etc.) and start hucking!!!!
    Depending on bottom structure and depth you can also chuck out some skein or herring chunks under a float or on botton with a sliding sinker rig. Use a lil corky or spin and glo to get your bait up off the bottom when using the latter method. When fishing floats you are best off with a big slip float to enable easier casting and better distance.

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    Welcome to SE Bill!

    Good luck on your search for a boat. A well built aluminum boat with 4 Stroke power is about as good as it gets in SE AK.

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    Default Check the Swap N Sell forum


    Check out the Swap N Sell forum. Don't know your criteria, but Doug from Anchorage has a post about selling his boat.

    I just bought one, and now looking to outfit it. I have the boat, but no saltwater gear. (not trying to hijack your thread, but anyone looking to get rid of some of their older gear, check out the thread below)

    Welcome Bill. Hope to see you on the water when I get back!


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