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Thread: "Mainer_in_AK's rivah tent"....(assualt outfitter with kifaru stove)

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    Default "Mainer_in_AK's rivah tent"....(assualt outfitter with kifaru stove)

    so here's a pic (more to follow)

    It was alot of work to make sure the the stove jack for the main tent body, and the rainfly matched, and that the custom rainfly actually worked. I tested it by dumping buckets of water onto the top of the tent with the rainfly velcroed issue. I then proceeded to a spray leak. So the my "rivah tent" will work out pretty good. It'll be nice to wake up to heat while I get dressed, and heat after a long day on the water when it's raining out all freakin day. Consult the "kifaru may take 12 weeks" thread for more details about this modified tent.

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    Looks pretty good there mainer. Like a little mini Arctic Oven. What are the dimensions of the tent. And when it gets lighter outside mind taking a few more pics.

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    Default Cool setup...

    ...or warm setup, actually:

    I looked up your tent from the other thread, Eureka Assault Outfitter,

    BASICS: sleeps 4. Floor size: 8'6" x 7'6". Packs to 8" x 25.5". Min wt: 13# 5oz. Area: 63.75 with 4'8" center ht. 13mm, 6000 series alum poles with 2 zippered vents, 2 drop down doors and 2 windows. 2 vestibules: Front: 19 sq. ft./Rear 14 sq. ft.

    Good job, Mainer.

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    Default Nice Job!

    Looks like a pretty functional setup.
    I've got a tent on order that I'd like to do a similar modification to.
    What model of stove are you using?
    Where did you obtain your stove jacks and what diameter is your stove pipe?
    I've spent more that a few days and nights hunkered down in a tent with no heat waiting for the weather to break. Wishing I had a little wood stove.


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