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Thread: sq.back canoe size /motor type unimportant

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    Default sq.back canoe size /motor type unimportant

    I've recently posted a few opinionated rants about freighter canoes and
    surface drive motors.They were mostly meant to be tongue and cheek.The
    main point , of course, is to get out into the wild lands both to enjoy the
    unique heritage we have here and/or to engage in subsistence activities.If that
    means floating down a river on an innertube wearing a drysuit or poling an
    Irish round boat into Minto flats,my hats off to you.Mostly I wanted to ramp up
    a good natured debate about the boats and the motors.I've gotten some
    interesting replies.My favorite is Rick's idea of creating a water cooled SD
    outboard with remote water pickup // something I'd thought of but not pursued.They sure work great on the racing river boats.In all the years I used
    OB's with lifts I never could get enough water to the prop with the prop up high
    to work well.Maybe the chop prop that Rick mentions?I feel like the main reason I changed to a SD was their simplicity. No gear boxes or gear oil,no
    water pumps or uptakes.Also, so far, I feel like they're less likely to be damaged in the field.Regarding boats,I think my main reason for using a hudson bay is safety.For the first 16 years of boating I only paddled canoes and kayaks.I almost died several times ,especially sea kayaking, and once
    in the Brooks range.For the last 16 years I've added motor powered canoes.
    I've become exeedingly cautious! Last season in minto flats I observed 2 friends / one in a grumann/8 hp w lift and the other in an osagian /15 hp
    w lift. Both rigs had maybe 5 inches of freeboard at the stern. And they were far from heavily loaded. I would'nt feel safe in that rig if things got gnarly.Especially heavily loaded in the middle of the yukon on a bad day.
    I also enjoy fishing with a subsistence gill net.I feel very comfortable doing that in a HB.If I was to add a lighter rig to my motorized boating gear I think I would go for an Esquif 17 foot freighter with Rick's high riding water cooled OB [sort of surface drive] in 8 HP with a second motor of a stump jumper 7 HP lontail air cooled as Grit has preposed.I can't imagine much of anywhere I could'nt get to with that.And the weight of any component would
    be manageable.

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    on the canoes you used a outboard with lift, did you go the added expence an get the lift that piviots in the canoe or was it the cheeper one that hangs off the end of the canoe 10" / 12" inches


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    That's what grummans, osagians, and discovery 17 footers do.......the stern digs down into the water when near full throttle. That's merely just pondering and theoretical speaking regarding your observation of their sterns. You may not feel safe in such a craft, but that doesnt rule out that they work just fine. I pack ultralight.....therefore I've hauled an entire moose accross big ole lake louise and lake susitna waves with no issue and plenty of freeboard. If they are larger than 2.5 pull over, or hug the shore. If the water is shallower than 8 inches.....I line the canoe no problems at all, and get to where I'm going just fine. Of course....they are not actual "freighter" canoes, but for hunting, fishing, and moderate loads these square sterned canoes work just fine.

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    Default whatever works

    Sid /I've used both kinds extensively.I like the lifts that sit on top of and wrap around the stern because they keep the OB weight closer to the stern.They are also easier to start and raise up.Mainer / Sounds like your rig is working just fine as it is.


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