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Thread: Using up Shrimp

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    Default Using up Shrimp

    Okay bought some pink bait shrimp for Quartz Lake fishing this weekend. Bought extra since there were supposed to be 6 fishing. Problem was only 4 showed up to fish and they Quartz fish just didn't want to take the shrimp. So now I am in Fairbanks with this shrimp and no-where to use it. I leave in two weeks for the whole summer so need to use it up so the questions becomes where can I go? Only thought I had was maybe Chena lakes? Any others?

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    Default mmm

    Stirfry :-)

    I'd just freeze em up if you can't find someone to take them...

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    Default stirfry?

    If you need a freezer let me know!
    Jedi Salmon Powers Activated!


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