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Thread: brushkana/nenana?

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    Default brushkana/nenana?

    im going to be on the nenana for a rescue course this coming weekend, and am hoping to tack on a float of the bruskana/upper nenana. questions: anyone know if the brushkana is up enough yet? second, anyone want to tag along?

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    Dirtysteev, I was hiking/camping on the Brushkana & Nenana this weekend and here is what I know. The Brushkana seems to be at about normal levels, maybe a bit low. Some overflow ice remains in spots but mostly against the banks only in certain areas. Water is clear but a bit tea colored and COLD.

    Here is a not very good pic of the first big bend in the river below the BLM campground

    The Nenana seems to be running a bit low. The water was fairly clear as well, tea colored and COLD. Didn't seem to be much glacial silt running in it yet, I think it is too early. Not much overflow ice left, small patches in spots.

    Here is a not very good pic of the Nenana a bit above the confluence with Seattle Creek

    I saw moose sign and moose everywhere. Couple of wolf tracks in the mud, one set of smallish grizzly tracks, couple of porkupines, some bald eagles and a ton of caribou, mostly in bands from 3-10. The animals are definitely moving around but greenup has not happened up there yet, not even a little bit it seems. Hope this helps and have fun!
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    wow, quick response, and with pictures even. thanks dad! good info.

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    still looking for any takers on a brushkana/nenane float. probably looking at putting in on tuesday, spend one night on the river at least. depending on the party take out at mickinley village, or run the bigger stuff down to healy. i have room on my 14' aire, or bring a boat of choice along.


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