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Thread: Any experience with this boat/one like it?

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    Default Any experience with this boat/one like it?

    This is a boat for sale on this forum that I am considering. Aside from the obvious drawbacks of it not being a self bailer does anyone have any input as to the general quality or pros cons of this boat?

    Also I have read that it is possible to turn a non SB into a SB. Does anyone know if any of the raft companies in fbanks or anc will do this?



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    The price sure is right for a NRS raft. I have a 13ft S/B otter and love it. Not sure about making it into a self Bale . Since it doesn't have a inflated floor you just need to sling every thing up off the floor.

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    Self bailer conversions are possible, but probably not worth doing. Jack's Plastic (in NM I think) used to sell inflatable floors, and probably still will do it as a special order. Then you have to devise a way to attach to where your standard floor used to be. It's probably cheaper, and certainly easier, to sell the standard floor raft and buy a self bailing raft.

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    I would not even think about making it into a bailer. Bucket boats are much better for float hunting because they keep the water out and the meat stays dryer. Bailer boats seap water as you put pressuer down but they are much better in white water. It looks like a bargin,

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