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Thread: Propane shower?

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    Default Propane shower?

    I just built a outdoor shower house for my dry cabin and now I'm wondering what the best propane heated shower unit might be? This will only be used during the spring/summer/fall, when it's well above freezing. I would like to have one that hooks up to a bulk propane tank. Any suggestions?

    I've used one of these:
    It worked alright, but the water pressure was pretty low. Maybe that's all I can expect from a small unit.


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    I went and bought the single burner ZODI - worked fine tonight.

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    Default Hot Shower

    We use a Coleman instant hot water heater. Works great for dishes and showers. Can find just about anywhere. Works off of bulk propane or single canisters, you can put the pump in the bottom of a barrell to get more water than the 5 gallon bag that it comes with. I tell the family if you use 5 gallons then your dillydalling. Have had for 3 years now with no problems, just keep the battery charged. We do dishes and shower with it in a setup like what your describing. I think it is what your looking for.

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    Default lil tip....

    Just a little tip to increase the water pressure for the portable heaters such as zodi, Coleman etc.... Elevate your water source to make it the same height as the top of your head when showering. I've found it about doubles the pressure with my zodi.....



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