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Thread: Stolen Trailer - Fairbanks!

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    Exclamation Stolen Trailer - Fairbanks!

    Help, Some Low-life stole my motorcycle-ATV trailer. Stolen from 1045 Univercity in Fairbanks May 9th. It is a 5 x 8 with a ramp similar to what they sell at Lowes, ecept has a composite wood floor. Has a TSC (Tractor Suply Company) Logo on fender. Trailer has been modified so it is VERY identifiable to me Also has a motorcycle tiedown MCK-2 installed. Please PM me with any info or contact Trooper Mulvaney @ 451- 5100 case # 10-39149. Thanks in advance for the help! REWARD!
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    just put it back to the top in case
    good luck

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    Good news or bad news...
    I have one similar, but not the wood floor or MC tiedown. A couple times this weekend people have driven by real slow looking at it. Now that I read this...either it's good that people are looking for yours...or bad because they want to rip mine too (it's locked up though).
    I'll start to keep an eye on them in case it's the latter.
    Good luck.
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