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Thread: Need Moose hunting pard for Kotz....

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    Default Need Moose hunting pard for Kotz....

    Well here it goes, I hate writing these “dear John” letters on the outdoorsdirectory. I recently found out that after almost two years of planning, my father will not be able to come on a moose hunt we had planned so I am trying to find someone who is interested in going. I have done two hunts with members after meeting on this site and have had success both times. One of the hunts went awesome and we filled out our tags on the first day. The other hunt was a bust as we spent 90% of it in a tent weathered in. However, both the trips were a success as I made new friends and got to experience some new country.

    I have a trip booked out of Kotz for a moose hunt. The drop date is 9/14 and the pickup is 9/21. This hunt is in an excellent area with extremely high success rates. The drops will be handled by a well respected transporter. I booked this hunt early and received an early bird and return client discount which is about $1500 below the advertised price on the transporters website. For obvious reasons I would like to handle questions through PM’s. This hunt is not cheap per say, but hunting out of Kotz never is. Basically, the rate is just a little bit more than the going bou rate in Kotz. I have been told to not expect a similar rate in the future.
    The main thing that I require out of a hunting partner is someone who (a), doesn’t freak out when the plane is three days behind picking you up and (b), enjoys butchering a moose as much as shooting it. Anyways, if anyone is interested, send me a pm and I will shoot you some pics and give you some more details on the hunt.

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    1st, Shooting a moose is alot more enjoyable than cleaning one. 2nd, One should pick up the sat phone and call the transporter when not picked the day scheduled, and if he is running 3 days behind, you need to go with someone else.


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    Put Terry in the 'he aint goin' pile!

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    Ha - made me laugh too!

    Your requirements are good. I recently learned that hunters often have a VERY different idea of what needs to take place after the trigger is pulled, on many levels, especially when the first shot was a poor one. You can learn a lot about your partner when things don't go as planned.

    Good luck, sounds like a great hunt.


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