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    Default old paddler

    I am looking for a builder of a, freighter canoe, 22 to 24 ft. sq stern. Does anybody know of a company that builds these anymore.

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    Default building or buying?

    There are plans out there for building homemade frieghters, you can find books on them at the local library.
    I don't know of anyone with a mold at this point, if you wanted to do a fiberglass over mold.
    Buying them, you will find them often on here and craigslist and some of the other recreational sales boards in alaska.
    many of the popular ones seen here are the proven aluminums in 17 ft and bigger.
    Canada seems to have several manufactures of frieghter canoes.
    I will be bringing Hudson Bay freighter to Alaska this june for deliver to a nice fellow from Valdez.
    These are from Scott canoe.
    many are talking about the esquif making a new light royalex frieghter, but have not seen one in person. we may see some of those soon as pressure is being put on REI to bring in a few as they are a dealer for these craft.
    I can get you a price on the Albany, the Hudson Bay, or the James Bay.
    These would all come from Ontario Canada and shipping is always a big part of that.
    take a look at the other threads on the freighters that are on here and you will find a lot of connections.
    and If I can help
    let me know
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