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    Default Savage 250-3000

    Hello all. Hoping someone can enlighten me on something. I saved a couple of Model 1899's from being destroyed, which I inherited from my wife's grandmother. They were found rolled up in her attic and were previously owned by my wife's great uncle who was eccentric and not a hunter. Anyways, the one is a 250-3000 and does not appear to be ever shot. From my research thus far it appears to be a "take down" model with a Lyman flip up peep sight. Mint condition. I took it to a local gun shop and the guy did not do a very good job of hiding his eagerness to "take it off my hands" for a "generous" off. I played stupid, not letting him know I am an avid hunter and know a few things about firearms. So, does anyone have any info or knowledge of this model. I also have the sister .300 Savage also in mint condition.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Default Oh, yeah

    That 250-300 takedown model is one of the most valuable of standard production Savage 1899s. In mint condition it is quite valuable, though I haven't been up on exact values in a while, but check on them in the gun blue book of value. The .300 is also valuable, though not as popular as the 250. If it was me, I wouldn't shoot them.

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    Default Great score

    The 250 takedown has always been a favorite of mine since my younger years. I finally traded for a nice one in the 1990's. It's a 1921 manufacture. I plan to take a few animals and enjoy it before teaching my kids to shoot and hunt with it. One day the 250 and the memories will be theirs. In another decade it will be 100 years old! Don't shoot yours if you're looking strictly at collector value. Mint 99's are getting harder to find. If you're like me and treasure the sentimental value, then go ahead and use them before passing them along to your heirs. They'll still be worth more than you paid :-) By the way, I'd take a second look in the attic for a small case that may have the 410 shotgun barrel just in case your relative had bought the setup, and may have separated it. Jackpot if you find it. Just a thought...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chpfreak View Post
    I took it to a local gun shop and the guy did not do a very good job of hiding his eagerness to "take it off my hands" for a "generous" off.

    Thanks for any input.
    Now you know never to darken the door of that shop again. He tried to take advantage of you, and I wouldn't trust him to fill a toilet paper dispenser. Scum.

    Good score. If you decide to sell, get a credible appraisal then wait a couple of years and get a couple more.

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    Default re: savage 99s

    May I suggest you check out

    They have an entire thread devoted to Savage (mostly 99s) and some real experts.

    99s are great, at last count I have six: 2 250-3000s, 1 303, 3 300s and a 358 win "brush gun"

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    WOW ! 6 99`s huh ? lol I only have 3 at the moment but I`m still trying to find a good 30/30 !

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    Default There are three on Gunbroker, one is a rare early EG

    that is uncommon in 30-30.

    good luck!


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