I just got back from scouting Willow Creek canyon, a popular kayaking spot, with the intention of kayaking it. Somebody with a chainsaw dropped a huge spruce tree across the canyon to gain access to a previously inaccessible area. My first thought would be bear baiters, what else could be packed out than a hide. Great idea, but what if a kayaker dies from your newly illegally placed strainer, placed 20 ft. below a waterfall. It is crap like this that causes problems down the road for entire groups, like baiters. I also bait and IMO, THIS GUY HAS NO REGARD FOR OTHER RECREATIONAL USERS OF WILLOW CREEK OTHER THAN HIMSELF.
This may not be the works of a baiter at all, but who ever can lay claim to this modern work of art, I want you to know your foot bridge is short lived.
Good luck this season,