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Thread: Talkeetna Hunting Oppurtunities

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    Default Talkeetna Hunting Oppurtunities

    I am new to Talkeetna and looking for hunting oppurtunities. Im not very familiar with the area yet. Im was curious what different kinds of game I might be able to hunt around the area. Coyote, bear, moose, wolf, grouse......????? Any suggestions? Id like to be able to go after anything right now to get my back in the woods with my rifle. Thanks for the help.

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    All of the animals you mentioned can be hunted around Talkeetna. There is both brown bear and black bear hunting this time of year.
    The current black bear regulations for 14B allow for three black bears a year with no closed season. I believe it was last year that the brown bear regs changed to one every year, instead of one every four years.

    If you have a boat you can run the rivers looking. There are also alot of atv trails in the area that head into the mountains.


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