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    Default Carbon Express PileDrivers


    For anyone interested, I've posted a review of the new Carbon Express PileDriver shafts.

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    What arrows are you guys using and why?

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    The original carbons Beman 60/80 hunters because they work. You want thump shoot a whitetail through the top of it's head and pin it to the ground, I did this with these tipped with 100 grain thunderheads a few years back. That made a thump.

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    I use 400 Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows. I've used them since they came out on the market, taken lots of game with them. There a great hunting arrow IMO.

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    Default Piledriver Review

    I am interested in these arrows and have read this review as well as another review on them. My question is= has anybody actually used them yet and what do you think of them?
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    So far, I've only been able to target shoot with them. I know some of the CX guys used them in prototype testing, but all I heard was "company line" stuff. I do like how they shoot at the target though.

    I also have used the Easton FMJ's and love them. My only complaint on them is a tiny bit more noise when drawing the bow, but I did fix that with some adjustments to my rest.

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    I have moved back to aluminum I can get a perfectly spined arrow, with better straightness tolerances, much cheaper with aluminum than I can carbon. I'm not a speed freak, so a big heavy aluminum suits me fine. It's amazing how much easier it is to tune broadheads with an aluminum arrow vs. a carbon. I'm experienced enough that I don't miss my practice targets, so durability is no issue for me. For target applications like 3D and Field I still use carbon because it has the durability to keep going when multiple people are shooting at the same target.

    I have used Full Metal jackets in the past, but the PIA of the internal components and their cost turns me off. They shoot EXCELLENT, though.
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