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Thread: Eureke Summit/Old Man Trail question.

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    Default Eureke Summit/Old Man Trail question.

    Hey i am wondering if anyone has been on this trail lately, i am looking at going back there with the family for a overnight on the upcoming holiday weekend and wanted to know how much snow is still left? Muddy versus dry trail conditions and anything else you might want to throw in. thanks

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    Early season Eureka can be great or miserable. Expect, rain, snow, sleet, or hail at any time or all at the same time. The Little Nelchina may be low to raging and can change in a few hours. The north slope that is really shaded about 4 miles in may be pretty deep snow. Miners may have dozed the snow off of the trail all the way out!

    Remember that the trail is solid. While it may look like you need to go around the holes. The best way is raise your feet and go straight through. PLEASE don't try to go around and create another braid!

    You might try small spiners or flies on the lakes if there is open water along the edges for grayling.

    BTW - Lake Louise just got 5 inches of snow.

    Hope this helps.

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    We drove past there today on the way back from Valdez. The trails I could see from the 1st gravel pit looked ok. A little snow left on them but farther out they were clear. It started snowing while we sat there and ate lunch. I could only see from the gravel pit with binoculars, so I would give it a few more weeks. I don't plan on getting back up there until mid June or July.
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