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Thread: Mtn Hardweare Spire 2.1 tent

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    Default Mtn Hardweare Spire 2.1 tent

    Anybody ever use one? I've got an opportunity to pick one up for a great price. Planning on carrying it into the hills for sheep/goats this fall.

    I like what I've seen on it because:
    -2 pole design is supposed to be very strong
    -two doors with vestibules, easy in/out and vestibule storage

    The guy told me it should withstand just about anything you throw at it........

    Your thoughts?


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    How good is the price? Heavy for one person.

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    Mountain Hardwear has some innovative designs and is typically very good stuff. Company QC is first rate!

    As you probably know, particular (mentioned for a good deal) tent was discontinued in the 4-season variety... brought back in the 3-season mode having screening and a different name-tagging.

    This should tell ya a little something:
    a.) Not quite up to 4-season Mtn H. standards
    b.) More popular choice for lower 48 campers where the screen is nice for ventilation or star-gazing.

    In our fully-guided program and self-guided camp gear rentals we have Mountain Hardwear's direct support and lifetime guaranty on the tents... they have been a very good outfit to deal directly with (rarely needed). I use Trango 3.1 Arch and Trango 2 tents. Spendy - but worth it ridge-running or wide open in exposed areas.

    Primary feature I see as bad for Alaska on the tent you posted is the shorter ridging pole above vestibule openings... Weak point for certain. Placed up so high it creates a large, flatter-faced, unsupported stretch of fabric across this section... wind, rain and snow loading is a problem point with this geometry. Just not a good place or means of 'tensioning' off a point like this - better it be a shelf tension. Hope this makes some sense?

    This geometry lends itself to roomy/spacious feel talking like headroom/shoulder-room and ventilation... but not best choice for nasty Alaska fall sheep hunting conditions.

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    Default thanks!!

    Another great reason why I read/post stuff on this board. Such a grea expanse of knowledge and information available to everyone.

    Thanks for the info. I am learning just how much actually goes into selecting a tent!!!



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