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Thread: Crescent Creek Cooper Landing report.

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    Default Crescent Creek Cooper Landing report.

    Went Up to Crescent creek yesterday with my girlfriend some goldpans and sluice box.
    Test panned a couple of spots. Best spot had 2-6 colors per pan.
    We ran 6 buckets through the sluice and ended up with about $1 in gold.
    I usually figure colors value at $.01 each.Not sure how that relates with todays high gold prices.
    There was still some ice on the shore in spots. One spot I had wanted to try still had ice on it. Due to melting snow and ice the water was higher than I had figured it would be.
    All in all a good day though. Got lots of fresh air and some exercise. I am sure it deserves some more testing
    Also a lot closer than Hope and Crow Creek.
    Dave I need to do some more testing to find us a good spot.
    There is still plenty of time before you guys show up though.

    BTW this claim is from the bridge on the road downstream to the confluence with Quartz creek and is open only to members of the GPAA and their guests.
    More info can be found here:
    Or stop at Joes laundromat in North Kenai and talk to Joe Demaree as he is the actual Claimholder.
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    Plenty of time to find the mother lode Chris.
    Find me a spot with lots of pickers will ya.


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