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Thread: Resurrection River in Seward

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    Default Resurrection River in Seward

    Keep hearing about the red fishery in Res River in Seward. Understand this is an early fishery, June I think. Is it snagging only or can you target them using a fly? How early do the fish start showing up? Someone on this site mentioned seeing a few fish a couple of weeks ago out in the salt and figured they might be heading upstream already. How and where do you access the lower river?

    Thank you!

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    Yes there is a fishery. Yes it starts when the fish are in. Sometimes that is June. And getting there is easy, but for the specifics on what road to take ask the Fish House. But, if they are not helpful just drive over towards the jail and turn right on the road that goes to parking lot (they charge and last year had a sign) where it is short walk to the river mouth. Somebody will chime in with the exact specifics I am sure. They fishing can be really good over there. I have seen some folks using fly rods over there and did ok. But they were basically snagging too.

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    Default Seward Reds

    The end of May last year was great, my wife and some friends snagged the heck out of them. I never went, but the girls had fun and brought in some really nice fish. Directions above are good and the Fish House has snagging hooks. If you go, wear glasses and be careful.

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    Default Tide

    I think they always started about an hour before high tide.

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    Remember that snagging is prohibited in fresh waters. Check out the map on page 58 to see where the fresh water boundary is for Resurrection River. The river is open to fishing for salmon June 16-December 31, single-hook, artificial lures only. Out in the salt waters, fishing is open the entire year, snagging is legal, and gear is standard sport fishing gear.

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    The area stated by T.R. is Salt

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    Look for the F&G sign out on the flats. If you are fishing south of them then you can snag. Plus look at all the people elbow to elbow chucking snagging hooks. I have had pretty good luck out there. Don't forget your stringer or else you'll lose your spot dragging them back to shore.

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    Check out these fishing reports from last year:

    There were a lot of people fishing the Resurrection that posted reports there, so you can really get a good feel for when the best times are to be there.
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