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Thread: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting

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    Default The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting

    There is another thread with one of the members, that is a teacher, that is dealing with someone from Florida regarding hunting issues. I thought that I would share this with the rest of you regarding this book that I read. I might suggest everyone here read "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting" by Frank Miniter. Contain some great references and shows proof of how to battle the anit folk. One quote states,

    "Modern hunters in the U.S. have never caused a wildlife species to become extinct, endangered or even threatened. In fact, every game species that is hunted in the U.S. has increased in numbers."

    This is a good book and an easy read.

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    Reading it right now, as it happens! I agree, good read.

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    It is a good book.

    I explained to someone last year about how the passenger pigeon was not hunted to extinction like we were taught in school.

    It was land developed to extinction.

    The distruction of their nesting areas happened so fast that they could not adapt to other areas and within a few years *poof* they were gone.

    Right now I can't remember if it was Nat Geo or American Hunter that I read the account of the man that spent his childhood egg collecting and logging in the nesting areas.


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