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Thread: Alaska Range Outdoor Gear Backpacks

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    Question Alaska Range Outdoor Gear Backpacks

    Does anyone have experience with the Alaska Range Outdoor Gear Backpacks (

    I am looking to add an external frame pack to my collection and have read considerable information on the Barney's packs but want to look at all of the options before buying. The cost of the AK Range pack is definitely more attractive; as long as the quality and service is there as well.

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    i just picked a used one up from another forum member.. and am quite happy with it so far. will know better after next week as its going on its first hunt... but loaded up and around the yard is comfortable enough so far... it is a lager pack then i really need. and will carry more then i can i think..
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    I have not owned one but it looks pretty well made. It was in the running before I decided to go with Barneys. Now after trying some other packs as well I would rather pony up the added $$ and get a Myster Ranch over pretty much anything else anywhere near "reasonable" cost wise. My wife will probably be getting a MR pack though for me I love my "Lamborghini" of packs (McHale Packs INEX+2) and will haul it for the next several decades at least!


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