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Thread: tent suggestion?

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    Default tent suggestion?

    I'm starting to put together a hunt for 2011. We'll probably use a transporter to drop us in the central Brooks range. My current tent is a 2 man 3 season backpack tent. I'm certain that won't suffice up there for 5-7 days in that country. Can someone recommend a tent that they've had good experience with for a hunt like that? As it would be part of a fly in hunt I'd like to keep the weight relatively low (but not so low as to sacrifice the integrity of the tent).

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    Check out the Gear forum further down in the forums list. Quite a bit of tent info there. As for my recommendation, check out the Hilleberg tents at Barney's. I bought the Nallo 3 GT there a few years ago and it is great.

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    Default ditto

    Oakman is right on... I do the brooks range every year and all I use is my hilleberg, it is FANTASTIC... without good cover that is warm and stable those 5 day arctic storms go through most lower end tents!!


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    Default Barneys

    Just ordered me a Nallo 3gt over there at Barneys. Don't know if the 10% off sale is still on as they are spendy
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    Default Cabelas Guide tent

    I have two Cabelas 6 man Alaskan Guide tents. One is more than 12 years old and still keeps the rain/wind off and the heat in. I have not camped in the Brooks Range, but I have had mine in some pretty good wind and rain and they stay dry on the inside and have never blown away. The weight is good under 40lbs and the price is reasonable under $400 for an All season, to the ground rainfly tent. They also offer a 4 man tent, but IMO the 6 man is really a two man tent and I don't think the weight difference between the 4 man and 6 man is that big a difference.

    I love (sarcasm) the tents from REI, or SW that advertise 3 season tent. Yeah, 3 seasons all right. The 3 seasons that Alaska does not have.

    Also, do yourself a favor and whatever tent you get IF it comes with a rainfly get a model that has a rain fly that covers the whole tent all the way down to the ground NOT one of these tents with a "bikini" rainfly.


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