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Media Advisory for Press Teleconference
Thursday, May 13, 2010; 10:00am Pacific


Andy Grow, Climate Solutions: 206-713-1792;
Joelle Robinson, Climate Solutions: 206-351-5646;
Dan Strickland, Alaska Marine Conservation Council: 907-841-6200;

Alaska, Washington Fishing Industry Warn, Worry About Oil Catastrophe
in Northwest Waters

What if a disaster like the tragic oil blowout in the Gulf of Mexico
occurred in the Northwest? How could it affect the Northwest fishing
industry, the millions of dollars the industry adds to the regional
economy, and the thousands of families who rely on a healthy Pacific
fishery for their livelihoods?

Join us this Thursday morning at 10:00 am Pacific for a teleconference
with fishing industry representatives from Alaska and Washington, an
Alaska-based ocean toxicologist, and former fisher calling in from the
Gulf Coast. Speakers will discuss the very real potential for a
disastrous oil-related catastrophe here -- in the Pacific Ocean and
coastal waterways off the Oregon, Washingon, British Columbia and
Alaska coasts. The long term solution -- that will benefit our
national security and create jobs -- is to shift way from fossil fuel
dependency and towards a clean energy economy, starting with passage
of a meaningful climate and clean energy bill through Congress.

What: Phone teleconference with Northwest fishing industry
representatives, and former Louisiana shrimper calling in from the
Gulf Coast.

Call-In Information: Dial: (866) 661-9590 Conference code: 3233007291

When: 10:00 am to 10:45 am, Pacific time

Pete Knutson: has been a commercial fisherman in North Pacific for 38
years, fishing for salmon and halibut. Knutson is owner of Loki Fish
Co, a family fishing business that supplies Seattle area farmers
markets and coops. He has represented fishermen In Alaska and Puget
Sound over the past 30 years. Pete also holds a PhD in Marine
Anthropology from UW, and is a anthropology teacher at Seattle Central
Community College

Margaret Bryan Curole is a Louisiana Cajun, is married to a former
fifth generation shrimper in Galliano, Louisiana. She and her husband
ran a family shrimp operation and raised their daughter on the boat
until she went to school. Her husband pilots an oil service boat on
the Gulf Coast. Ms. Curole is currently an executive board member
Commercial Fishermen of America, she has also acted as legislative
liaison and representative at large for the Louisiana Shrimp

Riki Ott, PhD is a marine toxicologist and commercial fisherma'm who
was one of the first people on the scene during the Exxon Valdez oil
spill, when millions of gallons of crude oil were discharged in the
single most devastating environmental catastrophe in U.S. history. For
21 years, she has been the voice and face of efforts for justice Her latest book on the
spill is NOT ONE DROP (Chelsea Green, 2008) on community level social
impacts of disaster trauma. Her first book on spill impact to human
health and the environment is SOUND TRUTH AND CORPORATE MYTHS. She is
also the star of the award-winning film BLACK WAVE: The Legacy of the
Exxon Valdez. The film portrays the legal battle between commercial
fisherpersons against the largest corporation in the world
(Exxon-Mobil). Dr. Ott will be calling from the Gulf Coast.

Erling Skaar is a former fisherman from Ballard who caught crab and
bottom fish in Alaska waters from 1967 to 2002. Born and raised in
Norway, Mr. Skaar immigrated to the US in 1962, and worked for Shell
Oilís seismic division for five years. He owns f/v North American, and
is the developer of the Gen-tech system
which reduces fishing vessel fuel consumption and carbon emissions by
50 percent.

Dan Strickland: has fished for 30 years in Alaska, in Cook Inlet,
Prince William Sound and Bristol Bay. He is currently working for the
Alaska Marine Conservation Council as their Bristol Bay Fisheries

Ross MacFarlane: is Senior Advisor for Business Partnerships at
Climate Solutions.