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Thread: Sight Radius on Ruger M77RS .338 Win. Mag.

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    Default Sight Radius on Ruger M77RS .338 Win. Mag.

    I just bought a new M77R in 338 before they changed them (I prefer the old style stock to the Hawkeye). I bought the factory sights from Ruger but do not know the sight radius or mounting hole spacing. I have a guy with a Forster jig that will mount them but I want the sight radius and everything else to be exactly as if it were factory. I called Ruger and they don't release that info (great guns, albeit very tight lipped service people). I was hoping someone out there had an old M77RS in a 24 inch barrel (300 win mag or 338 win mag) that they wouldn't mind taking some measurements from. Anyone?



    PS- I free floated the barrel channel and steel bedded the recoil lug area yesterday. I have to load 50 Nosler 225's later today.

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    If I were you I would mount the front sight as you normaly would and then get the receiver mounted peep sight made by New england custom gun. And forget about the factory rear sight. Thats what I did on my ruger 338.



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