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    Default Interior?

    Hey I am stuck up here in north pole to work all summer. Just wondering if anybody had any tips or advice on where to catch fish? Ive caught a few grayling around and am also interested in catching burbot and pike. What time of year and where can you find these fish? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default a lot of places

    Landlocked lakes have fish, Sulcha river has had a strong King Run. Quartz lake and harding are within a drive.You have the Chena too. Biggest King I ever saw was in the Chena. Stop in a tacke shop and ask somebody who has been around a while. I used to live there in the 70's but fisheries can change. Go corner a fish Bio at F&G. That would also be a good place to stop in and ask.
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    Chena Lakes has some monster Char in there...

    Grayling are the variety around there for now, there are some pike in the small lakes on South Cushman, as well as Scout Lake, and possibly Grayling Lake. The Salcha and Chena both have Kings around the Fourth of July, until then you will have to drive down to the Valley or Klutina/Gulkana. Another reason I moved down here was that I don't have to drive so far to get into some good fishing....

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    I am offended by the remark "stuck in North Pole." Instead you should feel blessed to be here.


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