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Thread: Spot and stock Blackies?

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    Default Spot and stock Blackies?

    Has anyone out there chased Black Bear by spot and stock? I don't have a large window to stick a bear so extablishing a stand and bait isn't much of an option for me. Still thinking on next year spending time doing this. Thanks in advance.


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    Every bear I have taken in Ak.., Grizz and Blacks have all been spot and Stalk.. all in the spring except the Grizz, he was a fall bear.. Search the forums, their are lots of areas lately getting mentioned, methods of taking and where their hanging out at.. The simpelist advice is patience.. Get some good optics, and spend the time glassing.. Locate the animal(s), plan a route to intercept where you think he will be going.. (play the wind).. if he smells you..its over.. Move slow, stay low and keep downwind.. if you follow these 3 rules you can literally walk up with in 10-15 yards of them..


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