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Thread: This could be Considered a flyfishing Question.

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    Default This could be Considered a flyfishing Question.

    So yeah with School over summer is here and for the most part the salmon and trout season is right around the corner. Whats good is that A lot of people have graduated with their degrees and can now go on to do what they went to college to do . However...there is a downside to all of that, Because the majority of my friends graduated they have all left. This means that I have no more fishing buddies (I really only had two but yeah they moved down to Seattle). Which brings me to the topic of this entry. I was wondering if anyone needed a new fishing buddy based in anchorage. I know how to spin and bait cast but for the most part I fly fish (even though I cant cast all that well) And I would in fact like to go to more places to fish this season other than Ship Creek. So yeah I guess I'm just testing it out and seeing if anybody needs another buddy I guess. PM me or just reply and all that!

    See ya!
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    Default Hey buddy!

    I'm hoping to go to willow or Montana this weekend. Probably Saturday, if your free shoot me a pm and we can line something up. Probably myself my dad and that would be it.

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    Go to the Alaska Fly Fisher's meetings. There is a fishing buddy sheet that people sign up to be on and they pair others up based on same fishing interests, kind of like an internet dating sight. Also a lot of people there to talk to and get good info from. Just can't be shy! Meetings are the first Monday of every month. Pick up a newsletter to get more info about them, almost all the fly shops in town should have AFF newsletters, including sportsmans warehouse. I write the fly of the month column in it.



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