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Thread: Grayling question?

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    Default Grayling question?

    First off, Hello all. I am new to the forum and new to Alaska. My wife and I just moved here last week and are looking forward to enjoying the outdoor life up here in the interior.
    Since I am new here and new to the fishing experience of Alaska, I was hoping I could get some help in finding a good place to fish for Grayling in the Fairbanks area and what might be the best spincast lures to start off with. With a little luck and maybe some good directions I might be able to start catching something this weekend. Thank you for the help.

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    I would use #1 or #2 Mepps. Smaller the better. I like yellow or black body. Silver or gold blade seems to not matter. Anywhere on the chena you will find grayling. I prefer areas with gravel on bottom. Seems to be more there. Also Piledriver slough out towards Eielson AFB has grayling. If fishing Chena be sure to cut the treble hook off to one hook. It is too easy to catch grayling in Fairbanks. Good luck.

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    if I were you I'd drive out on chena hot springs road and fish the upper portion of the chena. Its a little bit of a drive but very enjoyable with better fishing opportunities and larger fish. Be sure to review the regulations prior to fishing and make sure to bundle up because that water is cold. I posted a report on the fly fishing forum from last week. Enjoy and take pictures. Let us know how you do.


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    I've never been to Fairbanks, but I've caught a ton of Grayling. I say, ditch the spinners and go with a fly rod. Small, dry fly, like mosquito has always worked wonders for me.

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    Default Fly the way to go...

    I agree, get a 4-5 weight rod and some elk hair caddis, parachute adams, and moquito patterns. Great way to learn FF and have some fun. Don't forget the Chatanika River; you can keep and eat a couple! But eat them fresh, they don't store of freeze well.

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    I will be in Seward for the summer is there any spots around there to catch grayling? I have always wanted to land one.

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    Best bet for grayling near Seward is to make the hike up to Crescent lake, can be outstanding fishing there for good size fish.

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    Default Chena Grayling

    I just got back from a 3 day trip up to Fairbanks and had excellent gralying fishing. Do a search of this forum to find some of the common spots around Fairbanks. I had success in Badger Slough (Badger Rd, North Pole) and fishing the river out by Eielson at Chena Lakes SRA.
    I'd second the recommendation on small flies (sinking beadheads). If you don't have a flyrod they can be cast and drifted under a small bobber. My daughter caught a few that way after having no luck with small spinners.

    Good luck and remember to check the regs, alot of areas around there are single hook, no bait, and catch and release only.


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