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Thread: Newbie reloader question

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    Default Newbie reloader question

    So I just recently started reloading and I love it! Successfully loaded my first 338 rounds and they were great. I can defiantly tell the difference. Now I am ready to start reloading my pistol. I am curious why a 44 mag uses LPP rather than LPMP? Everything I read says to follow what the powder manufacture says but, someone else told me that for a magnum you should use magnum primers.


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    I'd re-examine anything that your "someone else" tells you. About as reliable as a politician's oath.

    Follow the reloading manuals.

    Magnum primers are justified in some calibers for some slow burning powders, but the manuals will tell you which. Sometimes they're used in magnum cases and sometimes not. The minute you start changing components away from what the manuals used to develop their own pressure data, you've moved off into deep space and you're on your own.

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    It depends on what powder you are using in the 44 mag. For mild to mid level loads with Unique, I always used large pistol primers. For top end loads with H-110, I always used large pistol magnum primers.

    The lighter charges of faster powders generally ignite more consistantly and give better accuracy with lit off with a std primer, the highly coated hard to light off powders such as H-110 need a magnum primer to get them going.


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