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Thread: Cell phone coverage/ U.S. celluar/Fairbanks

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    Default Cell phone coverage/ U.S. celluar/Fairbanks

    How is the coverage around Fairbanks? Around town and down to Healy..Ken

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    Some one must have info on this...Help a buddy out...

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    I have AT&T, I get 3G in Fairbanks. I get a signal on and off as I drive south on the parks hwy. As I remember the phones seem to work well around the park.


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    Default at&t

    Like STID, I get good coverage all around Fairbanks. Generally have coverage down the Parks to Healy, and the Park has an antenna, so good coverage there. Also get coverage down the Rich to Delta, although spotty in some places.

    I have a 3 watt booster and when I hook it up I get coverage all the way to Anchorage, both down the Parks and the Rich. I use the booster at my cabin in the Alaska range, about 30 miles south of town and get a full signal there. In the foothills south of town, 40-60 miles out, I can get an adequate signal, due to the higher elevation.

    Hope this helps.


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