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    Scurit Scurit Scurit
    or Listen Up Listen Up Listen Up

    This is simply means that there is important safety information that will be forth coming.
    Example would be the Ak state Ferry is letting other boats to take caution since she is entering a narrow channel and can not move quickly to get out of someone elses way.

    When a marine radio transmission begins with "Scurit, scurit, scurit" from French scurit, it means that what follows is important safety information. The most common use of this is by coast radio stations before the broadcast of navigational warnings and meteorological information.
    It is normal practice to broadcast the Scurit call itself on a distress and listening frequency such as VHF Channel 16 or MF 2182 kHz, and then change frequency to a working channel for the body of the messages. An equivalent Morse Code signal is TTT, with each letter sent distinctly
    Although mostly used by coast radio stations, there is nothing to stop individual craft broadcasting their own Scurit messages where appropriate, for example, a yacht becalmed (rendered motionless for lack of wind), or any vessel adrift or unable to manoeuvre near other craft or shipping lanes.

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    MMayday is also French for Come Help Me. "M'Aider"

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    Nice. Thanks for explaining this one. I've always wondered what the heck was behind that.


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