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Thread: Thanks Cameraland! Pentax PF 65 ED II

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    Default Thanks Cameraland! Pentax PF 65 ED II

    I wanted to say thanks to gr8fuldoug at Cameraland and post some pictures of my setup for others looking at spotting scopes.

    I settled on the angled Pentax after reading on here and looking through one another forum member has. It seems to be the best combination of value, size, and weight if you are looking for a scope that you will have to carry long distances. It weighs 2.88 pounds and is 10 1/2 inches long.

    I also needed a recommendation for a tripod and he had one ready for me. I purchased a Vortex High Country tripod which is tailor made for backpacking. It weighs 2.10 pounds, is 18.8 inches folded, and extends up to 53.8 inches. If you notice in the pictures it has a hook ready to hang weight from, and the legs have 3 different angle positions you can place them in.

    I highly recommend talking to Doug himself at Cameraland and you may be pleasantly suprised when you mention you are an Alaska Outdoors Directory forum member.
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    How is the ball head on that tripod? My set up is not very smooth so it would be nice to get something a little better to slap my own PF65EDII on top of

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    Default First Impression

    Is very good. It locks down nice and tight and I can set it to move with hand pressure and have it stay where I move it.

    I am definitely not an expert but I should know more when I get it out this weekend.

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    Right on 58D, Doug is a good guy over there at Cameraland, I have dealt with him a couple times and it is alwaysvery pleasent. Now, post some pics of it out in the Field.


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